A landslide usually occurs from one of two things, soil being placed onto a surface that has not been direct payday lenders stripped of all organic material and topsoil, and or water. Natural springs and or broken pipes or clogged drains are often the cause for soil saturation and movement. The layer of organics under that fill is called a slip plane and is often gray in color, payday loan resembles clay and stinks! This is the layer that is acting as marbles and allowing the upper layer of earth to move downhill.


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There are many different types of fixes for every landslide. All of the fixes share the same two goals, drain the water from the hillside through underground drains know as sub drains or french drains, and remove the slip plane direct lender payday loans or hold the soil by way of retaining national payday wall or soldier pile wall. Typically a footing or keyway is dug into the base of the slope past the landslide area. This is usually about 12 ft wide, 4-12 ft in depth and as long as the slide. Layers of soil are compacted in 1 ft lifts as it is being compacted to 90% or greater density. Subdrains are installed approximately every 15 ft vertically. Subdrains consist

of eeiaa? payday a perforated pipe and a drain rock to discharge water. A soldier pile method is where piers are drilled at the bottom and or midpoint of the http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com slide to three times the thickness of the slide in depth. The hole would then be filled with a design of steel and concrete. We have Soils Engineers as well as Civil and Structural Engineers that we have worked hand in hand with to fix landslides as effectively and efficient as possible.

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Please Do Not hesitate to have a design and or a landslide stabilized on your property.


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  • Use a Qualified and reputable Soils Engineer to design your fix
  • Use sch 40 pipe or thicker when installing sub drains so the pipe does not ever change shape or pinch off completely
  • Use class 2 permeable gravel (an engineered mixture of sand and gravel) NOT FILTER FABIC WHICH CLOGS in sub drains
  • Be sure all soils online payday loan lifts are sloped toward the hill not downhill. This will ensure lifts do not separate
  • Use geogrid or similar structural mat where necessary to bridge keyway and or soil lifts if needed or creating a slope steeper that a 2:1
  • Hire A Company With 35 years of experience that cares about your property investment for your landslide repair